Altenberger Straße 11, 50668 Köln Mo – Sa: 21.30 – 4.30 Uhr +49 (0) 221 121846


Good evening gentlemen

Good Evening, welcomes you a little bar, and this bar is me. I will show you ladies, I’ll show you burlesque. There’ll be champager and red lights – but I’ll keep you guessing about the rest. I am coquettis, by nature and by name – from start to finish a classy game. I am a bar that is cursed and adored. I am what you have been searching for…

I’m a Cologne original from 1958: Visit me and experience an extraordinary evening. Endless possibilities, no obligations – simply “coquettish“. I look forward to meeting you.


Four kokett cap driver tips

1. Every “true” Cologne cap drivers knows us

2. We are never closed “temporarily”

3. We haven’t move since 50 years

4. Insist on the original and nothing else!


“Get the party started”

You’re looking for an extraordinary location for your birthday party, your Xmas party or a business event? Then look no further, for you have found it. You can either rent my party room in the basement – or you can have me all to yourself and book the entire Kokett Bar.

Contact us and you will receive an customized offer – perfectly suited to your requirements.

Get individual offer

Zur Einstimmung: Kokett Bar in den Filmen: „Tatort“, „Kismet“ etc.

Zur Einstimmung: Kokett Bar in den Filmen: „Tatort“, „Kismet“ etc.

Kokett Bar in

Kokett Bar in "Begehren" WDR-Sendung vom 25.08.2015

Kokett Bar im legendären Film

Kokett Bar im legendären Film "Das Wunder von Bern"


“I do something with media”

That’s what they say in Cologne. But I don’t just say it, I do it. Film and photo shoots or music productions simply love my unique ambience. I can offer a breathtaking setting, and you will find me on the big screen in movies like “The Mircale of Bern” or “Zauberkasten”, or in tv crime fiction like “Tatort: Minenspiel“, “Alarm für Cobra 11”, “Verurteilt”, as well as in reports such as “exclusive – die reportage” to name but af few.

You would like to hire me for an unusual production or a PR event with a difference? I’m available! Contact us and you will receive a tailor-made offer.


Altenberger Straße 11, 50668 Cologne, Tel.: 49 (0) 221 121846,


Up for a tantalizing evening?

Then you must come and see me. Straight away tonight. You’ll find me at five minutes’ walk from the Breslauer Platz exit of Cologne Central Station. So, see you later at the Kokett Bar!

Kokett Bar
Altenberger Straße 11
50668 Cologne
Tel.: +49 (0) 221 121846

I am open for business:
Mon – Sat, 9:30 p.m. – 4:30 a.m.

During trade fairs, I am also here for you on Sundays.